Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bible in 90 Days third week check-in with Mom's Toolbox


January 18, 2011

I am almost caught up! I only need to read four pages to finish today’s selection.

I was behind for four or five days. The prayers for the lost several days ago really helped me because I was starting to tell myself that I was too busy to do this; see, already behind and only second week and so on. But my attitude changed and I know it was the prayers!

Also, someone said she got caught up by reading every spare moment for several days. That comment was inspiration for me!

Amy said:

For those who are finding the time, what are you cutting? How have you shifted your schedule? Please let us know in the comments so others can learn from your ideas.

I was planning to cut out reading the newspaper, but found myself reading it the last few days. It is better if I don’t, or only skim it.

I have given up my fiction reading.

I had thought about committing to a full hour of prayer toward the end of last year, but decided that I couldn’t do that and this reading. I am still praying, but for about 15 minutes a day, plus spontaneous prayers throughout the day and prayers while reading.

I am wanting to memorize scripture and hope to memorize two scriptures a month, but it is a lower priority than the reading. Eventually, I would like to memorize more than that!

There are two other things that I am cutting out, but I didn’t really plan to….

Putting up the Christmas decorations. Can you believe that they are still out! Tomorrow!

Housework. I’m doing some but not all that I want. I’m going to work on that one, too.

I mentioned my headaches in my last post and they are better. Thanks for the prayers. I also decided to see a chiropractor and that seems to be helping. I’ve suffered off and on for over 35 years.

Sorry, I wrote a blog post rather than a comment. Going to read now so I can finish those pages before midnight. :-)

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