Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bible in 90 Days second week check-in with Mom's Toolbox


January 11, 2011
Sorry I didn’t check in yesterday. I’ve lost some time due to headaches over the last four days.

I’m checking in on day 9 and I am behind one day; that is, I need to read day 8 and day 9′s readings. (Clarifying for myself!)

I managed to stay on track or ahead until Sunday. Then somehow my bookmark and tiny post-it note (with an arrow on it pointing to the next reading) didn’t get moved up to the right spot. I started reading and thought it seemed familiar. After a short while, I was certain I had already read the passage, but I had no idea where I should be, so I just kept going. I needed to read that passage twice for some reason, including the possibility of not getting too proud for being ahead!

Okay, I just read the recent comments…. (funny that I felt the need to do that at this point in my own post)
….and realize that maybe I didn’t lose my place after all. Goodness, I am glad I didn’t skip ahead!

This is hard — reading twelve pages of the Bible attentively. But so worth it!

I’m blogging about it a little, too.

Now, to go and read so that I can get caught up! Reading Leviticus 1 through 26 (and since Leviticus only has 27 chapters, I may just try to read it all today!).

Hey, about Job:

The Bible’s section titles often say who is talking. I’m not always in the habit of reading those or if I do, I kind of skim over them. But I heard about the idea of highlighting the the names of the speakers different colors in Song of Solomon and it really was helpful. “Beloved” was pink and “Lover” was blue. I didn’t highlight “Friends” but could have. It helped me really notice when the speaker changed. I may do this with this Bible and with Job, too.

(I just highlighted the name. It would take too long to highlight the whole section of what they said.)

Praying those of us who are behind, get caught up and those who are on track, stay on track!

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