Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday -- my first one!

I have so desperately needed to do this! So, today I did it. It took me forever!

Monday: Salmon, tortellini (for the ones who don't like fish), green beans.

Tuesday: Garden Vegetable Pasta Bake, whole wheat roll or bread of some sort, kale.

Wednesday: Black Bean Torte, rice, salad, spinach.

Thursday: Left-overs or something easy, like spaghetti or burritos.

Friday: Brisket, potatoes, brocolli, salad.

Saturday: Garlic Lime Chicken, steamed baby carrots, salad.

Sunday (slow cooker noon meal for after church): Cheryl's Mac and Cheese from the Fix-It and Forget It cookbook.

Here's the inspiration for Menu Plan Monday: I'm an Organizing Junkie.