Friday, January 7, 2011

Bible in 90 Days: Days 2 and 3

I started reading on Monday when the challenge started, but I started just after midnight on Monday. My daughter wanted to visit a friend that lives several hours away, so I agreed to drive her about two-thirds of the way there on Sunday. We met the friend and her mom at a Dairy Queen.

Anyway, this driving was happening in the evening and I needed some caffeine to stay awake for the driving-home-alone portion of the trip.

I decided that I would read if I was awake after midnight and I was so I did.

Then later that day, I read more because I have decided that anytime I can get ahead, I should.

So I am one day ahead....

...except that it is after midnight on Friday morning and I have not yet done Thursday's reading. I have done some of it, but I really hope to finish before I get to bed.

Day 2 was finished up on Monday.

Day 3 was read on Tuesday. Day 4 was read on Wednesday and Genesis was finished! All the way from Creation to Joseph in Egypt.

Day 5 is Exodus and we go from the Israelites being in Egypt as guests and Joseph as second in command in Egypt to the Israelites being slaves. Joseph was raised as an Israelite and then lived as an adult in Egyptian culture. Moses was raised as an Egyptian and then lived as an adult in Hebrew culture. (Although Moses was nursed by his mother, probably until he was around three years old. I have heard it suggested that his mother took that opportunity to teach him about God and I think this probably did happen.)

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