Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My solution to "Where do I hang my Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter?"

Here is my solution to "Where in the world will I hang my Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter?"

The problems are that it is heavy when filled with soil, plant and water and that it needs to be in full sun. It also needs to be pretty high up so that the plant can grow long (down).

You cannot hang them on the edge of your roof. It is too heavy.

So my solution is to hang it on the swing set! The structure is very stable and will take the weight and it is in the sun.

I took one swing down and hung two plants on the clips that held the swing. But our swing set has one of those ladder things across the top (so that you can use your hands to swing from one end to the other--monkey bars) and I wanted to hang them on that. I found an "S" hook at Wal-Mart for less than two dollars. It had to be persuaded to go onto the crossbars (with a hammer tapping on it), but it works.

Now I have two more Topsy Turvys because my mom cannot find a place to hang hers. The kids don't want to give up another swing, but they may have to, at least until tomato season is over.