Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This post at Study in Brown is very good....

See it here: Wanted: more mothers.

The world needs more mothers. Yes, it does.

It saddens me that our society has become so sexualized. I think it has skewed many women's concept of what they should be in the world.

Good, wholesome nurturing that cannot be misunderstood as sexual in any way can be achieved without being so prudish that you repel those who might need it.

We need to strive to be attractive without a hint of sexuality or provocativeness.

("Sexy" used to be a word that was only whispered and wasn't a compliment. Now, it is all over the place.)

If we are that way with the world--attractive without a hint of sexuality--, then what we share with our husbands will mean that much more to him because it is for him alone.

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