Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Recognize the end point. Then end." How to reduce the amount of time you spend on the computer.

I was thinking about managing my time on the computer (and in other areas, too, but mainly the computer). It came to me just as I wrote it up there:

"Recognize the end point. Then end."

Recognize when I have finished the work I need to do on the computer. Then end my time there and move on to the next thing. I'll imagine my most police-like, authoritarian voice, and say to myself, "STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!"

How often I have lingered instead and thought of something to check:
a review of a book,
a new post on a favorite blog,
the news on my yahoo home page,
maybe I should request that book from the library?,
while I'm here, I will check my library account--anything overdue?,
my wish list at amazon,
what do others buy who bought the book on my wishlist at amazon?
new messages posted on my yahoo groups I belong to,
I should post a reply to that one,
any new emails?
oh, yeah, I need to respond to that email I got a couple of days ago...

Click, click, click and tick, tick, tick. Time passes; I am reading interesting stuff, good stuff, but I should have ended minutes ago.

I should be doing something else.

It is a skill that I hope to improve. Recognize the end point. Then end.

Like right now:

I've written. Reviewed. Edited. Re-read. Edited again. Re-read.

I'm done here. I'll post and then I will move away from the computer and on to my work in our home.

I will recognize the end point and end.

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