Monday, March 7, 2011

Bible in 90 Days tenth week check-in with Mom's Toolbox


March 7, 2011
Checking in. I’m still reading and still behind, but at least I am consistent (sheepish grin).

But you know what? At least I am doing this and doing this, even if behind, is better than not doing it!

I have so many blessings from this, but most of all is kind of an intangible difference in my day-to-day spirituality. I have decided that I am someone who needs large portions of scripture daily. (I’ve never gotten much out of most daily devotionals with just a few scriptures to read. With the big exception of My Utmost for His Highest. That is a great one!)

So I may be someone who gets the challenge done, but in 95 or 100 days. God’s will be done!

I almost decided to give up last night. (Can you believe it?) Then I thought about how happy that would make the enemy….

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