Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Century Chart of English History

We're discussing the Charlotte Mason concepts of history chronology on the House of Education yahoo group. The specific concepts that interested me are the century chart and centuries chart.

In an article that Katie referenced on her blog, (the article is here), we were a little confused by the description of the chart for English History:

Later, we should make such a chart on a larger scale, and with room for ruling and marking important events. We use charts coloured for various periods of English History--e.g., the Roman occupation, the various Royal Houses. * The four periods of five centuries each, form good divisions for Modern History. In the first line we have, roughly, from Augustus to the fall of Rome, and in England the period of Roman occupation. In the second line we have the period of barbarian settlements--tribes are changing into nations. In the third line we have, speaking roughly, the Mediaeval period. In the fourth, Modern History.

I cannot upload it here, but I may post it in the HEO yahoo group files. (I cannot remember if members can post there.)

Edited to add: We can, and I did! It is in the files section of the HEO yahoo group under Century Chart of English History.

Edited to add: I am attempting to use Scribd to add the document.

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