Friday, July 18, 2008

1000 Gifts

1000 gifts. I have not been numbering them, nor have I been very good the last few days about noticing them. And it shows. In my attitude. A bit of irritability, with a dab of self-pity stirred in. Not appealing!

If I keep coming back to these things, perhaps the habit of praising and noticing will become stronger.

Recent gifts:

  • Mission trips for junior high youth (JUMMP)
  • Like-minded souls, especially when I am feeling different, alone or unsure
  • God's Word, which tells me to be a God-pleaser and not a people pleaser
  • Communion and kneeling in prayer at the rail
  • Prayer teen(s) at VBS this week
A focus on praising God and the discipline of noticing gifts from God makes me a different better person.

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