Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Family's Rights and Responsibilities

I modified this some, but most of it came from the book, 401 Ways to Get Your Kids to Work at Home by Bonnie Runyan McCullough and Susan Walker Monson.

Rights and Responsibilities


1. We each have the right to our toys, books, and clothes. Others should ask before borrowing them.

2. We each have the right to be spoken to kindly and to be spoken about in the same way.


3. We will be dressed and our beds will be made each morning before breakfast.

4. We will each be responsible for our own bedroom and bathroom areas and two other household chores a day.

5. We will only eat food in the kitchen and dining areas, to preserve furniture and carpets not designed for easy clean-up of messy foods.

6. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen, including food items away, wiping counters and hand-washing or putting their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

7. Everyone will help with dinner dishes and, except for special occasions, no one is excused until the kitchen is clean.

8. We are responsible for putting our own things (books, toys, projects, coats, hats) away, out of consideration for other family members. (Special permission may be granted for some projects, but it must be asked for ahead of time.)

9. After using something, we will put it away where it belongs, even if that is not where we found it.

10. We will ask permission before leaving the house unless we will be in our yard or on the street in front of the house.

11. If we are delayed in returning home, we will call home to explain, so others won’t worry.

12. Music lessons are a privilege and with that privilege comes the responsibility of daily practice. Music practice must be finished before free time is granted.

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