Wednesday, June 18, 2008


  • Summer swim team: exercise, accomplishment, friends and structure for the beginning of the summer for the kids.
  • Excellent coaches (in any sport). We've had them and so appreciate them.
  • Learning the phrase, "procrastination takes too long" and really starting to believe it and use it. (A life-long procrastinator I am. It is tied to my insecurity that produces perfectionism and "what will they think of me?-ism")
  • Changing "what do they think of me?" to "what does God think?"
  • New days. What would we do without fresh starts?
  • Grape juice from concentrate. I try to drink water mostly. I do not drink soft drinks. I limit my tea consumption to hot green tea in the morning. And all those sports drinks are too sweet (and I am not exercising now -- I should be, but I am not!). Grape juice is nice when I need something with flavor.
  • Family. I would be so lonely without my family!

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