Monday, July 11, 2011

Thirty Days of Reading the Bible using Professor Grant Horner's Bible Reading System -- Update One

Well, I started off great.

Then stumbled.

But now back to it!

This is what the Bible Reading System is all about:

Professor Grant Horners Bible Reading System

Now, normally, with this system, if you get behind, you just pick up where you are. This is the beauty of it, in that those who are likely to just give up when they get behind no longer have that excuse to stop reading.

But the downside of this is the upside of a system tied to specific dates. It can be easy to get out of the habit of reading. Or, like what has happened to me since I started in April, you find that you are not reading more days than you are reading.

So, I decided on a challenge. To get me in the habit of reading each day. And then I fell behind.

I am hoping to catch up (remember, the system does not suggest you do this) and then try to read each day for thirty days.

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