Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Heat and The Blues

It's hot. Like 100 degrees hot. I'm low on energy and enthusiasm. Feeling a little defeated.

Summer was busy because the kids were busy (and productive). When kids who don't drive are busy, that means that mom and dad are on the go a lot. Which means the projects this mom hoped to tackle this summer didn't get tackled. Which has led to this defeated attitude that I have been moping around with for a few days. Maybe as long as almost a week. And everyone's so busy, that no one noticed my mood. Which didn't help.

Maybe I'm on the uphill side of this downhill slope, because I am starting to feel like I want to... feel better. And even do something to help make that happen.

I took a little inventory for the last few days:

Bible reading - no, not this last week
Formal Prayer - not the last few days and maybe longer
Talking-to-God-as-I-go-Prayer - yes, some
Exercise - no (and it has been longer than a week since I exercised)
Vitamins and supplements - no
Good diet - not really
Caffeine - a little too much
Water - I'm good here
Sleep - not 8 hours a night (which I need; 8-1/2 is better)
Quiet - finally had some this morning
Gratitude - no, not noticing gifts

I guess my mood is not so mysterious. And I know some things I can do to feel better. So I am going to take a walk. (Even though it is 96 degrees here, at 7:30 pm.)


Relish_Desserts said...

Hey Leah! This post points out the real problem for most women - going too fast. We just stop caring for ourselves and it all spirals down from there. I needed to hear it - thanks!
Been so long since we chatted about KISS Grammar or Ambleside... my kids are nearly grown and I fear homeschooling may become a 'past time'.
It's good to see you back at your blog!

Leah said...

Thanks for the comment. It has been a long time! I will not be homeschooling for the first time since I started ten years ago when my oldest was in first grade! School starts next Monday so I'll see what it is like... You know, I think I am still going to do KISS Grammar on my own, just 'cause I want to see it through. We'll see.

I like your blog!

Relish_Desserts said...

How ironic... I just put my youngest in public school for his high school years. He is loving it, and so am I. I had never realized how stressed out I was getting over homeschooling through high school. My 17 yr old is still homeschooling. He's too far along to ship off the public school; may soon be in college! Funny how the phases of life shift, eh? Really, it all seems so sudden... and a bit sad.

Thanks for checking out my blog! It's something constructive to do now that my babies are nearly grown men, lol!