Monday, March 29, 2010

CasaBlast: I am loving this program, so far!

I found this last week: CasaBlast.

I signed up and set up an account and what I have seen so far, I really love!

It is a family account that comes with a phone number. I set up each person in the account with their name and a different color. I then (very easily) put their schedule (such as practices, games and so on) on the calendar. When I did that, I indicated whether or not I wanted reminder texts to go out to cell phones. Calendar page tells me what's coming up for the day. Hubby and I get a text with everything for that day. Kids can decide if they want reminders or (so far, my son does not, daughter does, other daughter doesn't have phone yet).

Anyone in family can send a blast to all cell phones.

Also, a grocery list that can be sent to cell phone.

I skimmed the terms of agreement and they look okay.

It is free for the first 10,000 subscribers.

I will update this review as I use it more.

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