Monday, February 22, 2010

I've been busy and not been here...

Here is some of what I have been focusing on:

De-cluttering the house. Gave lots of things to our church for their massive garage sale that benefits missions. Made it easier to get rid of things--knowing it was going for missions.

Organizing the house. I worked on the pantry and kitchen cabinets, hall closet and what we call "the piano room." I had the most fun with this when my sister was here to help me.

Organizing my housekeeping. Figuring out my daily, weekly, monthly (and so on) chores. Okay, so now I need to do them.

Exercising with my new T-Tapp exercise DVDs. I think this exercise system is incredible.

Some yard work. Lots to do.

Planning a vegetable garden. We had one about ten years ago, but we were so busy with the kids and their activities, that we let it go. I hope to get some things planted in March.

Reading about backyard chickens. I think I may get three for our backyard. Some new, entertaining pets, fresh eggs and no longer contributing to the miserable life of battery chickens. I have decided that if I do get chickens, I will name them after Jane Austen characters. Probably Elizabeth, Jane and Emma.

My weekly project of emailing parents the activities at the high school. There is lots of info out there about what is happening at the school and in the district, but it is in many different places. I put it into one email and send it out. I hope to do it on Sunday evenings, but I have been late a lot the last month or so. This takes a lot of time, but I think it is worth it. I have been told it is appreciated.

Dione and I did a BraveWriter class in November and December. Love the concepts.

New foods. Re-read my copy of Full Moon Feast and was less overwhelmed with all the ideas (many of which I had heard of before). I started with kombucha and ginger beer with ginger bug. Found a ginger beer plant and have made some of that. Also, saurkraut. Want to get some kefir grains. Bought my own copy of Nourishing Traditions and joined the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Learning about The Book of Common Prayer and how to pray with it. Finally found a couple of books that explain how to use the BCP for praying the daily office. I love the rich language of the prayers. I sometimes used to feel like a greedy kid with a long list of things I wanted. The thoughts and prayers in the BCP are for good things.

Still loving KISS Grammar and trying to learn more about it.

Bought some red worms and I am doing a little vericomposting (composting with worms). There was a great YouTube video about how to make a small bin. Worm casting are terrific for the garden and this is a good way to compost fruit and vegetable scraps. Also set up a compost bin outside for leaves and stuff. I probably will not put much food scraps out there. Our bin from about ten years ago ending up attracting rats.

Dione and I are participating in Mystery Class by Journey North. I think this will be very interesting.

Still recording gifts for the Endless Gifts List, but haven't made this a habit yet. I really want to get consistent with this.

I will try to add links later.

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